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Our Privacy Tool allows you to instantly input information about your company, your business and your website and its data protection to handle practices to create a customized policy to your answers.

Privacy Policy

US Canadian UK EU Laws require your website to have a privacy policy

Anti Spam

CAN-SPAM and CASL laws in the US require companies to declare compliance


This Plugin allows you to create a privacy policy for your users in less than 10 minutes.


The Generator questions users about their organization and its practices, as well as disclaimers for visitors and customers, and delivers a customized policy based on the answers provided.

About Us

We believe that privacy is a differentiator that builds a better brand, consolidates public trust and improves competitive advantage. Privacy Policy Guru creates policy practices for companies that can be accessed electronically. A privacy policy generator tool has numerous tangible benefits, and furthermore, creates a framework for the development of a Privacy Code of Practice. The automated nature of the tool means that businesses across Canada, which is the target audience, can easily access and engage with a reputable source of privacy compliance. With the policy, businesses can implement complementary practices that will strengthen the overall privacy stance of the organization. Lastly, this tool has the potential to become a transparency and accountability standard for retail and other businesses. Privacy Policy Guru is powered by Ki Design.

Ki Design

Policy Guru is powered by Ki Design. KI Design is an innovation leader whose mission is to protect and improve the effectiveness of corporate controls by implementing end-to-end privacy.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my mobile application need a privacy policy?

Privacy Policies may be viewed as an afterthought of the mobile development process, but it may be the most important component of your entire service offering.
In fact, a missing clause or a discrepancy between your legal documents, website statement and the mobile app itself can cause devastating problems for your organization. Fortunately, by fulfilling to the best practices and legislation set out by the appropriate legislation in your jurisdiction you can have some sort of legal protection and help to prevent problems, privacy breaches, and lawsuits in regards to your mobile app.
One of the best ways to accomplish this is to simply link a comprehensive and suitable privacy policy statement when you submit the app to developers, that will be used when the application becomes ready for use.

Why is having a web privacy policy so important?

From a legal perspective, the legislators of PIPEDA in Canada FTC and FCC rules in the United States of America and the GDPR in the European Union, can serve as the basis for legal cases against any website whose Privacy Policies are not correct. Simply put, there is a lot of potential for the risks of internet use to take already troubling trends to turn them into advanced catastrophes for companies.
The best way to comply with these laws and avoid a legal lawsuit or perhaps worse, reputational harm, is by including a clear, comprehensive and easily accessible privacy policy somewhere on your website.

What makes Policy Guru so different than others?

Well, there are many reasons, but a few include the fact that it’s instantaneous, developed by the highest experts, customizable and adheres to many world-wide legislations.

What goes in a policy statement?

At the minimum this policy must inform users about: the outline and function of your website; your contact details; the type of information your website wants to collect and process; how this information will be stored; if and why the data processing is necessary; whether data will be disclosed to third parties; and if so, to whom the data will be disclosed); what rights users have when disclosing their information, including the terms of withdrawal of consent and deletion of data.


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