Social Media Concerns for Organizations

It is no secret that social media offers important business advantages to companies and organizations. However, there are many well-known security risks associated with using social media that leaves many organizations either simply prohibiting social media use altogether. What may be worse, is that for the organizations who are using social media, they often have no policy at all regarding social media use. In order to mitigate these security risks and still enjoy the benefits of social media organizations must establish and enforce good social media usage policies. But many organizations are unsure of how to develop effective social media policies.

First, and foremost, your policy should include what information you would be gathering—email, cookies, subscription information, credit card, login, gender, age, etc. in easy-to-understand language. It should be conveyed that there is a legitimate reason for collection and be very clear to consumers of your social media platforms what you are doing with the collected information. You must also indicate if you will be sharing the gathered information with affiliated, partner or other sites, and give consumers/readers the option of verifying, correcting, changing or removing personal registration information. Lastly, we recommend stating that the policy will be updated periodically and how you will communicate such changes. While we acknowledge not everyone who uses your social media platforms will read the policy you generate, remember that ultimately, your policy may say a lot about what your company stands for and may be a great line of protection against threats to your social media use.